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Why You Should Close Your Eye While Praying

As Christians, we need to develop the habit of praying because the Bible asks us to pray without ceasing. But while praying, we should ensure that we close our eyes and open our hearts to God, so that we can openly connect with him. Here are 3 dangers of not closing your eyes when praying -

1. You could get distracted

It is however important that you close your eyes while praying in order for you not to get distracted. The danger in this is that you might want to receive something important from God through prayers and when you open your eyes you could get distracted and might not be able to pray. Therefore, you are able to receive what you want to receive from God.

2. Your mind could wander far away

If you open your eyes while praying, some of the things you see around you could make your mind wander far away. Your lips are shaking but your mind is not there. The danger here is that people are seeing and hear you pray but you are not saying. Why others are receiving answers to their prayers, you don't get an answer because you did not pray.

3. You may not be able to connect with God

The essence of praying is to connect with God spiritually. Your prayer has to be effective and effectual before you could be able to connect with God and if you open your eyes while praying, you might not be able to deliver an effective prayer. So to be on the safer side, try and always close your eye why praying. It is very important.

In conclusion, we need to develop the act and habit of closing our eyes while praying so as not to experience this danger. GOD will help us in Jesus' name. Amen.

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