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Does God Really Curse for not Paying Tithe?

For sometime now, there has been serious conversation about tithe and offering trending in the social media. Some pastors have categorically stated in their sermons that any one who doesn't pay his tithe is cursed. They use the scripture in Malachi 3:8-10 to back their assertions.

What is God's purpose for instituting tithes?

God's purpose for instituting tithes and offerings can be seen in Malachi 3:10. "Bring ye all the tithes into the store house, that there may be meat in mine house.....". Why does God need 'meat' (abundance) in his house? The Omniscient God knows that "the poor will not cease out of the land....." (Deuteronomy 15:11), so he instituted tithes and offerings to take care of the poor and vulnerable in the Society. God understood that the abilities of men are not the same. Some out of misfortune, carelessness, or laziness will lack. So out of the gatherings in the form of tithes, those that lack will be taken care of.

But are the present day ministers of the gospel using a reasonable chunk of tithe proceeds for the purpose of taking care of the poor in the churches not to talk of the society at large? The answer is capital NO. Instead the ministers have chosen to feed fat on tithes and live flamboyantly at the detriment of the poor for whom the tithes are meant to give succor.

The Levites who served as priests then were denied ownership of land, properties and investment. They were to live on part of the tithes and offerings the people brought. But today, the case is different. Ministers compete with business people for investment opportunities. When the businesses begin to yield fruit, the members that provided the capital in forms of tithe and offering are never partakers of the dividend. This disqualifies the present day ministers from continued feasting on the tithes and offerings of the people.

So, if any should be cursed, it is the ministers who are misusing and misappropriating the tithes and offerings people bring to church.

What can stop you from prospering?

The only thing that can stop you from experiencing prosperity to the level of your desires is non practice of "the law of seedtime and harvest". This is otherwise known as the law of sowing and reaping.

To avert the curse He placed on the Earth, God said in Genesis 8:22 "while the Earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest ........ shall not cease". That means it is the quality of your seed that will determine your harvest. Put another way, it is your productive efforts that will determine your level of income. Put yet in another way, it is your input that will determine your output. The higher your level of hustling, the bigger your take-home. A professor and gate man don't earn equally; their age differential not withstanding.

Unfortunately many ministers have misled their members on this vital law by laying 80% emphasis on the spiritual perspective of the law of seedtime and harvest. Once you sow adequate tithes and offerings you're covered they claim. Many therefore, ignore the works of their hands and concentrate on sowing the little they can scrape in the churches. This pauperize them and they feel they're under a curse as a result of not paying enough tithes.

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