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Say These Words Of Prayer To Rebuke The Works Of The Devil In Your Life Tonight

Heavenly father, we come to your presence this moment, to give you thanks for all you've done for us, we acknowledge you for whom you are, and for what you are in our life, father be magnified Lord, In Jesus name. Father lord, we thank you for the gift of life, many wanted to be alive till today but they were no more, being alive till today is not by our power nor by might, but it's your grace that has been keeping us, lord Jesus we give you all the glory, honour and adoration, be thou exalted in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, we are sinner, we come to your throne of mercy, any of our sin that may hinder our prayer, let your precious blood washed them away and purify us, In Jesus name.

Father Lord, we seek your face tonight, we relied on your words that says;

"Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open"

We rest on your word tonight, we know you're a faithful God, and you're the God that never fail, father Lord, as we call on you tonight, let our prayers be answered, in Jesus name.

Say these words of prayer before you sleep, to rebuke the work of the devil in your life;

1. My father and my Lord, I call upon your name tonight, in all ways the devil has been oppressing my life, father send down your heavenly angels to fight on my behalf, in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord, every works of the devil, concerning my life and destiny, let them be destroyed, in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. My God, every power hindering me from moving forward in life, I command the power to vanish, in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. Oh Lord, I call on you tonight, all the good plans you have for my life, let them come to pass, In Jesus name.

5. My God, let your rain of mercy fall upon my life, and let my life receive transformation in Jesus.

Thank you Lord, 'cause we believe our prayers has been answered.

For we pray and received in Jesus name.

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Stay blessed.

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Lord Jesus


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