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Very Powerful Prayer Points For Today, Monday 20/07/2020

Very Powerful Prayer Points For Today, Monday 20/07/2020

Good morning everyone! Welcome to a new week. There are loads and lots of blessings attached to this week. These blessings can be yours if can you claim them through these powerful prayers. Please take these powerful prayers very serious and don't joke with them.

I pray that your prayers will be answered in Jesus name, Amen.

Powerful Prayer Points

1. Gracious God, I thank you for redeeming my life and family and blessings us indeed without measure.

2. Father Lord, I demand the release of your blessings upon my life and household in Jesus mighty name!

3. I release my angels to go forth and bring my abundant blessings from every quarter in Jesus mighty name!

4. I delegate the angels of God to sustain my blessings and never allow me to go bankrupt in Jesus name!

5. I command the flood gates of heavenly blessings upon my life, all the days of my life in Jesus precious name, amen.

6. You evil Leviathan contending with my blessings and destiny, be shattered into pieces in Jesus name!

7. Lord, I demand in the name of Jesus a change for good life, a change for good living condition, a change for good job, and change in my income and finances in Jesus mighty name!

8. I receive the opportunity today to be blessed and favoured, and I will do good with the blessings in my household in Jesus name! (Galatians 6:10)

9. Thank you Lord because you have opened before me doors of abundant blessings and no man is permitted to shut this door.

10. Thank God for answering your prayers in Jesus name, Amen.

Please Share these powerful prayers with your family, friends, neighbors and business associates so that they can also partake in today's blessings.

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Do have a nice day.

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