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Use These Psalms To Pray For The Actualisation Of The Following Dreams

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Dream is an instrument through which hidden secrets can be revealed to one. Dreams can come in two ways, in form nightmare or sweet and pleasant dream. Whatever the way it is, prayer has a lot role to play. Therefore, use the below Psalms to declare prayers for the actualisation of your good dreams.

1. Whenever you dream of killing live fish on the ground without water or selling live fish, read Psalms 35, 70 and 102. Then declare this prayer, " Oh Lord, give me power to overcome my life struggle and stress, give me total victory over the plan of your enemies." Victory shall be yours in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. Whenever you dream of fish swimming in water, read Psalms 5, 23 and 28. Declare this prayer, " Oh Lord, my God, lead and direct me in the best right of your will, let my plan of success in life receives your approval, in the name of Jesus Christ. The God Lord shall direct your path to the best way in life.

3. Whenever you dream of someone begging you to give him or her food, read Psalms 71, 90 and 102. Then say this prayer, " Oh Lord, my God, bless me so that I will be able to impact other people's lives." Indeed God open the windows of heaven and pure His blessings on you, in the name of Jesus Christ.

4. Whenever you dream of fat cows that are grazing, read Psalms 23, 45 and 90. Declare this prayer, " My Lord, my God, let me have abundant harvest, destroy every enemies of my progress and prosperity, in the name of Jesus Christ. God of heaven will answer your prayers.

Please, my esteemed readers, one more thing you should do, is to give your life to Jesus Christ and be prayerful, by so doing, God will bring all your good dreams to pass,in the name of Jesus Christ.

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