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Why FG Must Listen To Bishop Oyedepo And Chris Oyakhilome Before It Becomes Too Late

Due To The Tussle Of Words Between Federal Government And Pastors, Below You'll Find Reasons Why Federal Government Must Listen To Bishop Oyedepo And Chris Oyakhilome Before It Becomes Too Late

Bishop David Oyedepo, the president and founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel has been sounding to the hears of the Federal Government of Nigeria to have the churches opened even before the lockdown was eased but it has been falling on deaf ears as the government remains silence on the church opening issue.

Also, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the president and founder of Christ Embassy aka Believers World Ministries has been passing across the same messages of having the Churches opened for Christians to be able to congregate and call on the name of God in the current situation, which has also been "unheard" by the government of Nigeria.

The economic and social activities being reopened gradually is a good start and a welcomed development from the Federal Government of Nigeria and I applaud them for the way they have handled the whole Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country.

These men are men with unseen authorities in the spiritual realm and I believe have genuine reasons to have asked for re-opening of churches even at a time like this, ignoring their warnings, words and influence all in the name of "curbing" the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is not a wise decision.

Remember that these men of God have been praying for and healing all sorts of sicknesses, afflictions and infections in their churches and programs across the world with testimonies all over, Covid-19 won't be a different problem for God to handle through them, so I beseech the government to harken to their voices and have the Churches opened.

Having churches closed in times like this is like ignoring the possibilities and miracle healing powers from the Supreme being (God) and does not speak well of us humans.

Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in all their online services have been hammering on the fact that God is not happy with the shutting down of worship centers nationwide and across the countries, this alone should show that they are consequences for shutting down churches, and before it is too late the Churches should be re-opened.

To listen to the words of Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Chris would be a wise decision because these men are not just saying what they say for their sake but for the sake of Nigerians and Christianity.
Let's not give our all to science and ignore God's wisdom and healing power, keeping it shut is like not believing he is able to heal the virus, so let the government act not before it becomes too late.

I once again beseech the Federal Government to re-open the Churches according to the warnings from these men of God before it becomes too late.

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