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Please take 5minutes of your time to soothe your heart.



Please take 5 minutes of your time to soothe your heart.

The messenger of ALLAH, the Prophet MUHAMMAD, peace and blessings be upon him, said,

*'Allah says:*

*- Oh you My creature, I gave you a place in the womb,*

*- I covered your face with a veil so that you do not be scared,*

*- I turned your face towards the back of your mother so that the smell of food does not bother you,*

*- I've put a support to your right and to your left a support to protect you:*

*- To your right the liver and spleen to your left,*

*- I taught you to stand and sit in the womb.*

*- Is there someone in the world who can do such things for you?*

*- When you arrive at the end of your life:*

*- I will send the Angel of Death to welcome you,*

*- He will host a feather wings.*

Rappell up ...

*- You do not have teeth to eat, feet to walk ...*

*- To feed you, I put you two thin veins in the breasts of your mother,*

*- Milk just for you, cold in summer and warm in winter.*

*- If you do not sleep, your mother does not sleep!*

*- If you do not eat, your mother does not eat!*

*- After you have become a strong man, you start to deny me, and you experienced no discomfort in front of me,*

*- Despite this, if you ask me, I give you,*

*- If you invoke, I hear you,*

*- And if you repent, I accept your repentance!*

*- What do you want better than that??*

-Please Say these words:

- Subhaan'Allah

Alhamdu Lillah

Allahu Akbar

Laa ilaaha il'Allah

Muhammadur Rasoolullah Allahumma salli 'alaa Muhammad wa alaa aalihi wa as'haabihi wa sallam.*

- Now behold the list of people to have invoked Allah (SWT) with you:

- Admire the power of Allah all around you! do not forget ...

*The punishment of Allah in life,*

*The punishment of death,*

*The torments of the grave*

*The tortures of the Day of Judgment.*

Note: If you receive this message, send it around you.

Allah will reward you for having the most widely circulated!


REMINDER: Here is in brief what awaits those who do not pray:

*Fajr (dawn): the light will be removed from their face.*

*DOHR (noon): the blessing of their income is taken away.*

*ASR: their physical strength will be removed.*

*Maghreb: they hardly benefit from the prayers of their children.*

*ISHA: the peace of their sleep is taken away.*

a prophetic Tradition says:

*"Make your prayers before they are made for you"*

Brothers and sisters in Islam; you now have two options:

1.) Leave this message in your inbox (inbox) or

delete it. Nothing will hurt you (Insha'Allah) or

2.) Send it to people you know, and Insha'Allah you will be rewarded for reminding others the words of Allah.

Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatu llah wabarakatuh...

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