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How Over-Spiritual Woman Made Me Responsible For The Death of A Beautiful Owl

It was on Monday morning in the month on April at Apete Ibadan, I happened to go school late that particular day. I met people at the entrance of the school hall that is located at the third floor, even the principal of the school was there throwing all sort of object to this beautiful Owl inside the school hall, but the owl didn't fly away despite the fact that the windows of the hall are wide opened. Owls are nocturnal animal I.e they are not active during the day, but only active at night alone. Immediately I got to there I told them to stop throwing object at the owl that it won't fly away that they only going to hurt him by stoning it. All them has started tagging the bird as evil bird sent to destroy the school, the teachers and the students. I told them to be calm and I walked into the hall with a basket to catch the owl. The owl was so weak that didn't struggle with me. After catching the owl I kept it in place so that we can sell it at the Zoological garden located at the university of Ibadan.

I and other teachers were discussing how we are going to share the money when we sell the Owl and use part of it to buy drink for all teachers, then we heard that the Proprietress had taken the Owl to her pastor. Later we hard that they burnt the Owl, that the Owl was sent by some evil spirit to cause havoc to the school. The proprietress later sacked me, probably because she was told I was responsible for the attack of the spiritual Owl. I was very sad because if I had not captured the owl or probably throw it to fly away after catching it, maybe the owl would have been alive today.

Must we always associate everything to spiritual attack, that is why we always blame our misfortune on someone, that is why the Pastors and Alfas are exploiting us base on that weakness.

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