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10 good things You can never see a Muslim do no matter the condition!

Muslims so much believe in Muhammad as the prophet Allah. They have a lot of rules or doctrines that governs their religion. One good thing about them is that they don't discriminate. Once you are a Muslim you will be welcome to any of their society or worship center. But talking about their, it is very plenty. Let's take a look at some of this laws or doctrines;

1. You can never see a Muslim lady in the mosque: to be sincere since I was born I have never seen a Muslim lady in the mosque. It is a law upon the ladies not to make worship in the mosque rather in the house.

2. Muslims don't hug each other: it is forbidden by their doctrine for you a guy hugging a lady, or a lady hugging a guy. But if you are of same gender you can do so.

3. They don't discriminate: no matter how you are where you are from, you will be welcome at any mosque.

4. They are obedient people: many Muslim are obedient. They are obedient because once it is time to make worship to Allah,they run as fast as they can, just to make worship on time.

5. Always on time to make worship: Muslims are believed to make worship five 5 times a day. Among this five 5, an Allah fearing servant must make worship for this five good times. It's a law or doctrine that they follow.

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