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3 Miracles In The Bible That Completely Defile The Laws Of Science.

The Bible which many Christian enthusiasts consider to be the “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth” is without doubt a highly respected religious book. It is to the Christians, regardless of denomination, what the Quran is to the Muslims.

The Bible does give a vivid account of things that took place, long before mankind came into existence and has continued to be a manual for those who seek religious knowledge, wisdom and discipline.

Housed in this revered book are accounts of how God Almighty defiled the laws of science.

-Jesus Christ addressing a multitude of over 5000 without the use of a Public Address system. Whenever people read from the scriptures and come across this passage, they are more fascinated by the miracle of feeding that large a crowd with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. But they completely skip the miracle of speaking to such a crowd without a P.A system.

-Eve having a conversation with a snake. Countless times have Christians read about the disobedience of man in the Garden of Eden, the whole attention is channeled to how man revolted against the Creator’s directive and ate the forbidden fruit, no one considers the miracle of hearing a snake talk. Science has established that snakes have no vocal cords thereby making the reality of ‘talking snake’ such a big miracle.

-Balaam and his donkey having an argument in the book of Numbers chapter 22: 28 – 30. This is a very interesting story where many preachers draw their sermons from but often times they fail to see the bigger miracle in hearing a donkey speak intelligently in human language. They are more focused on the Balaam himself, thereby leaving out a very important miracle and demonstration of God’s unending power.

The Bible is without any doubt a book of intense wisdom and those who read it must pay attention to that which they read so they can have a full grasp of its content.

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