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The Amazing Qualities Of Deborah That Every Woman Should Emulate

Deborah was called chosen and faithful at the same time. She was the first female judge in Israel. She brightened up the face and future of Israel. She was a deliverer and not a destroyer.

Deborah, an early judge of Israel raised an opposition to Canaanites oppression. She was a patriotic woman. Her song of victory that she composed over Canaan is found in Judges 5: 1-31.

Till date her song of victory is considered as one of the oldest Hebrew poems in existence. It is also described as one of the most magnificent.

Deborah's qualities are many but I will just pin- point on some of them:

1. She was prayerful and very attentive to the instructions of the Lord.

2. She was respectful and kind.

3. She clothed herself with the garment of humility.

4. She was easy to approach.

5. She lived an exemplary live as a leader and not as boss.

6. Her life and character was full of compassion.

7. Deborah was courageous and not rude- tranquility is her key.

8. Deborah wasn't overambitious, she worked under a tree for a start.

9. She trusted in God's power and wisdom and not in her own ability.

10. Deborah was strong, gracious and highly disciplined, keeping God's word in her heart.

God's purpose for man and woman was clearly stated in Gen 1:27; 2:18 "male and female created he them." God gave man authority, but woman influence. They are to dwell together in this kingdom.

Deborah was a very submissive wife to her husband. In addition, Judges 4:4-5 confirmed that Deborah was not just a female leader, she was also a prophetess and a Judge. She combined two offices together, yet she was married to a responsible man called Lapidoth; that was why she could relate well with Barak. Deborah and her husband worked together in unity bringing about glorious victory.

In our present day, who are you representing? Deborah or Delilah? Are you pulling down or lifting up, are you happy or sad about another person's progress? My sister you can choose to become a Deborah and not Delilah. The purpose of God for your life is great, so you can even do better than Deborah of old with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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