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5 Qur'anic Verses To Start Your Day With

Every day is a new day and all these new days come with their challenges. For good people of God to conquer those problems coming their way, they must rely on God. 

Relying on God, you must believe in him and read his word always and pray always. However, to do so I recommend 5 verses of the Qur'an that people should read every morning. 

1. The Verse of Evil Eye is verses 51 and 52 of Al-Qalam (Q68:51-52) in the Quran.

2. Quran (Surah At-Tauba, 51)

3. For good things read Quran 2:201 (Al Baqarah)

“Rabbanaa fidunyaa hasanatan, wa fil aakhirati hasanatan, wa qinaa azaban naar”

4. Prayer for guidance and healing. Read (Surah Yunus, verse 57)

5. Every day, you have to pray for Allah to increase you know that's why I recommend you pray for more knowledge always. Read Quran 20: 114 (Taha)

It says, “Rabbii zidni ilma”

“My Lord, increase me the knowledge”

All these verses are for protection, success, and healing. Don't forget to like, comment, and share this post.

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