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The Power Of Midnight Prayers.

The most powerful and important time to pray against principalities and powers in high places is in the midnight. At that hour, evildoers come together to plot evil and fire evil arrows with their charms against their victims. Wicked people stand up in the middle of the night to oppress their victims which is the reason why some people experience bad dreams and other strange attacks. Midnight is a field of battle between a believer and the devil. 

The usual time for spiritual attacks is from 12am-3am. These attacks are put together by witchcraft powers, strongman, marine powers, household powers and witch doctors.

A lot of harmful things crawl, fly and move at midnight hours. In the book of Psalms 91:5, the Bible says "you shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day".

The importance of midnight prayers cannot be over emphasized because it plays a powerful part in the life of christians that understand the power and mystery behind midnight prayers. The holy spirit in your life gives you the power and confidence to challenge and wrestle against principalities and powers of darkness. If God almighty is not in that battle, there cannot be victory.

You cannot get to certain levels if you don't master the act of midnight prayers. A person cannot obtain a complete breakthrough with a lengthy midnight prayer. You cannot overcome your enemies if you do not pray at midnight.

There really is power in midnight prayer. It is during midnight that serious problems are ironed out or settled. 

God values midnight prayers so much because it is the time to know christians who take God serious. When God looks down and sees you sacrificing your sleep and labouring in midnight prayer warfare, you surely will receive speedy answers.

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Power Of Midnight Prayers Psalms


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