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Sheikh Gumi's Father Was The Founder Of The Izala Muslim Society(JIBWIS), Read His Story

Muslim cleric Sheikh Gumi has been in the news for the wrong reasons over the last few days. He has been a target of major criticism because of some comments he has made about banditry and insecurity in the northern part of the country. A few hours ago, he warned journalists to stop calling bandits criminal and comments like this have attracted a lot of attention to him. Hours ago, Femi Fani Kayode posted a cryptic message about the late father of the Islamic clerica. He alleged that in 1989, he swore never to see a Christian rule Nigeria but he died three years later and a Christian became head of state.

So I decided to do a check on whom the father of Sheikh Gumi was and I have decided to share my findings with you. His name is Abubakar Mahmud Gumi and he was a very vocal Islamic scholar who became the Grand Khadi of the northern region of Nigeria from 1962 to 1967. He was a very good associate of Sir Sir Ahmadu Bello and he was a popularly known cleric but he is perhaps most significantly known a a leader of the Izala Society.

Sheikh Abubakar alongside Sir Ahmadu Bello.

The Izala Muslim society was formed in opposition to the innovation or bi'dah practiced by the Sufi brotherhoods. After the death of his friend Sir Ahmadu Bello, he lost a major political support which he believed was essential to touching more lives as opposed to his scholarly way. So he started a movement that was aimed at returning Islam to the fundamental way and most importantly opposing the Sufi brotherhood. He called on his old students to support his move and that gave birth to Izala Society which is also known as the Movement for the Rivival of the Sunnah. He died in London, England on 11th September 1992 but his views will always be remembered as very controversial and conflicting ones.

The man always said that Nigerian Muslims should never accept a non-muslim as a ruler but still preached peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-muslims. It so happens that his son Ahmad Abubakar Gumi whom we are talking about today, takes after him in controversy. What do you think?. Drop a comment.

SRC: Wikipedia

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