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Why Attending Weekday Church Services Is Important For Believers

In the body of Christ, the church order of services has been programmed to go with the days in the week. These believers have learned to streamline, alongside their schedules in the week. Most mega churches in Lagos, to be particular, have their order of services, slated as in, Mondays for Bible study, Thursdays or Wednesdays, usually go for prayers, while Fridays are slated for vigils, and Sundays, for worship service.

As much as people do go for their daily livings and move forwards to achieve their daily projections, church programmes are also part of what believers must take with seriousness. The mystery behind the church services goes beyond just participation. Most people usually project Sundays, as the main day to go to church, whereas, the plans and calculations of heaven in how a man is blessed is different from our views. As a regular churchgoer, God could come around at any time to deliver your blessings.

The day of your blessing might not be on a Sunday. The thought of God is different from that of man. Believers are to also note that, as you daily pray to God to answer you, the prayers are being accumulated and stored till the exact time it is supposed to be delivered to you. The prayers you pray in your closet, plus those you pray during the services are being gathered and processed according to their projections. These would have their answers delivered, in the set time appointed by God. It could be during the week services. Sometimes, answers to prayers might be delivered when you're not in the church praying.

Sometimes, we pray for our immediate need and immediate situation, and we expect God to answer immediately, it might not work like that. God is a God of perfection. He does not just do things, and also, He would not give you a thing that would be short-lived, or give you partial healing that would still resurface, back again.

(One Problem or the other do bring people to Jesus. Gradually as they progress in Him, in the prices of solving the problems, they would get to know Jesus. He won't just solve the problem, He would also make them invisible, to the powers of the enemy)

The problem that brought you to the church, and that makes you an ardent follower of Jesus, with super seriousness to the church services and programmes, God knows that, once you are deeply rooted in the church where you would continue to learn of God and be established in His word, up to a stage where you would be able to withstand the powers of the wicked and prevail over them, your testimonies and miracles shall be gradual and steady, until you're fully rooted and established in the Lord.

It is in this way if your prayers are answered immediately, as you seek God for help, while you are not established in God, in regeneration and being born again, and you go back after the miracle, to sin, what put the problem there would still come back to input a more grave problem, that you might not be able to be delivered easily from, afterwards. The book of Mathew 12:44-45,

Matthew 12:43

AMP: But when the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, it roams through dry [arid] places in search of rest, but it does not find any.

St. Matthew 12:44

AMP: Then it says, I will go back to my house from which I came out. And when it arrives, it finds the place unoccupied, swept, put in order, and decorated.

St. Matthew 12:45

AMP: Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and make their home there. And the last condition of that man becomes worse than the first. So also shall it be with this wicked generation.

By your persistent attendance in the church services, and your faithfulness in the things of God, your problems would phase off, gradually. The church Programmes on the weekdays goes a long way in gradually answering your prayers as God does visit you, all the time, even when you're not praying. The Lord do study those who are devoted to Him. He knows those who, if after they are delivered of some problems they would still remember God and continue in Him. He also knows those who, after they might have received blessings from Him, would bid the church, bye-bye. That is why your blessings might not be exactly fixed for a particular day in the week of church services.

Now, which of these days of services, do we know that God usually answers prayer so that we would make sure we are available on that day? That we cannot tell.

There are covenants, set specially for genuinely established churches. Some of these covenants go with the members and in each of these days of services. It would be that, members who are devoted would have a part in some spiritual blessings apportioned for the church, especially, and different from individuals blessings, from God. This means, faithful members, also have a part in the blessings God has slated for the church.

A believer, who is painstakingly expecting a blessing from a church, and starts to attend must adhere to the services and make sure s/he keys into the services. God does bless, in any day, and at any time.

(Even, is your work schedules dies not to permit you in attending weekdays services, still strive, you'll see the results. God does not shy away from faithful believers)

Do not specialize any of the days of services as the major days you would attend service. Attend all the days. Even, if your work does not permit you, strive to attend. You would see the powerful hands of God. He does not shy away from those who diligently seek Him.

Your blessings could be in any of the days.

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