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The worth of wisdom through God


Wisdom is the creative power of God, the power that forms, wisdom is a problem solver. 

*Text: Proverbs 4:7.8-12.

• wisdom is superior 

• wisdom can command all things 

• vital is wisdom to keep a home 

• wisdom affects every areas of life 

• way of life 

• use of time is wisdom / hard work is wisdom 

• relationship 

• behavior 

• Bible says wisdom is principal. A wise student is a student that value time 

• a time spent is a time wasted 

• a time invested is a time with reward, no respect for time is foolish 

• man is timed, God is timeless, God created time to regulate man. Way of time usage is crucial 'consciousness'

• make plans -in days, unappropriated time is wasteful 

• time is destiny, greatness demands the wise use of time, there's time for everything, pursue the right thing at the right time 

• the source of wisdom is the word of God 

• proverbs 3:13/21🔰 length of days are in wisdom 'riches and wealth, long life and prosperity 

• keep sound wisdom and keep discretion ,there will be life to the soul and grace to the neck. 

  6 worth of wisdom. 

  Text: Proverbs 3:14/15

1. Long life strong live, prosperity proverbs 3:16

2. Wisdom gives peace 

3. Fruitful life .18

4. Ingenuity and creativity 

5. wisdom can command all things 

6. Protection and divine covering, 3:24


 1. assumption and presumption: 1 Samuel 13:11-13

 2. immorality

 3. Bad company, friendship 


 1. Text: psalm 119:1/9 "the word of God"

 2. Prayer -ask for it. Text: Matthew 7:7

 3. Impactation 

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