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The 3 Fact That reveal that Jesus Christ is Humble.

The mind of Christ means attitude that Christ exhibited. So this is for all the Christian our attitudes should be like that of Christ Jesus.

1. Isaiah 14:13-14 He submitted to servitude.

He did not come as mighty human king or philosopher, but as a lowly servant. He talked our language, our clothes and ate our food. Breathed our air, and endured our vicious treatment.

2. The Surrender of natural power.

He emptied himself, he cast away possessions and influence and faculties, till he reduced himself to the capacity of a baby.

3. The descent to shame and Death.

Mathew 26:39, John 10:18,heb 5:8

Christ ultimate humiliation came as he allowed himself to be crucified, And this was not just any death but a criminal death on a cross, the worst kind of death both physically or judiciary, (ps 22,Isa 53:1).

Description of Christ's Humbleness.

1. It was voluntary.

The example of Christ is very different From that of job. Job suffer from misfortunes that came upon him unsought but Christ freely chose his own humiliation.

2. It was great in extent.

In becoming man Christ humbled himself, as a man he humbled himself further than ever man did before, in submitting to shame and Death.

So it will be a great things for Christians(Born. Again) to be Christ like before they see God.

And live in Love.


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