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How You Can Memorize The Entire Quran Within A Year, using These Simple Tips

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe, the owner of the holy Quran, may the blessings of Allah be upon his beloved servant, Muhammad peace be upon him. Whoever Allah guides no one can mislead him, and whoever Allah led astray no one can guide him. In the name of Allah the beneficent, the merciful.

Holy Quran is a book that contains Allah's words, a revelation and guidance to mankind through his beloved prophet, Muhammad (Pbuh) to the entire world. Holy Quran is the only religious scripture that can be memorized word to word. Allah said in the glorious Quran: " And in truth we have made the Quran easy to remember, but is there any that remember".

Here are the step by step tips to memorize the Quran Within a single year, inshallah:

1. Al-ikhlas (sincerity)

Sincerity is important in Islam, especially when it comes to great deeds like Quran memorization. One has to purify his intention and do it to seek Allah's pleasure only, not for worldly gain. If you have good intention and sincerity, Allah will surely help you achieve your goal.

2. Find a teacher (Sheik)

Effective memorization can only be achieved through a good teacher or Sheik. You cannot memorize by yourself, you must find a teacher whom will be correcting you, and also listening to your memorization. Even if you know how to read and memorize you have to go to a teacher. Our beloved prophet (Pbuh) has a teacher: Angel Jibril

3. Strong interest and desire

Whatever you want to achieve in this life,not only memorization of the Quran, if you want to succeed, you must have a strong desire for it, it's your strong desire that will be driving you to get what you wanted. Without strong interest one might give up along the way, especially during difficult times

4. Use one copy of the Quran

As a student of Quran, you have to use one copy of the Quran during your memorization, you don't have to change another one, use that copy all the time to read and memorize, because using only one copy will make it easier for your memory to familiarize with the pages, thereby making it easy for you to recall what you memorize.

5. Start Memorizing the last part of the Quran

It's very important as a beginner to start from the last portion of the Quran, because the last part contains short chapters which can be easily Memorized compared to long chapters. When you start with small chapters, you will find it easier for you.

6. Listen to recorded Quran Recitation

As a student of Quran, listening is hugely important to you, listen to the recitation of best Quran reciters in the world. Quran reciters like khusarry, Minshawy, Sudais and so on. Listening greatly helps, it simplifies memorization, before you Memorize any portion of the Quran, you need to listen to its recitation.

7. Repeat, repeat and repeat!!!

There is no magic or easy trick to memorize strongly, the best method and technique to Memorize strongly is repetition. You have to repeat what you Memorized over and over. You need to repeat at least 60 times, if you memorize a page, then you have to repeat it nothing less than 60 times, preferably 100 times.

8. Memorizing the Quran Within a year:

Let's do the math: As a beginner you need to start Memorizing 1 page of the Quran everyday, after Memorizing go and recite to your teacher or Sheik. Do these for 4 month, after four month, you must have familiarized yourself with Memorizing. Start Memorizing 2 pages everyday for 8 month. By doing that you will Memorize the entire Quran Within a year.

The Maths: Quran pages=604

By Memorizing 1 page for four month, you will Memorize 120 pages

By Memorizing 2 pages for 8 month, you will Memorize 480 pages

480 pages +120 pages =600 pages!.


Conclusively, memorizing the holy Quran is something rewardable in the sight of Allah. We need to ask Allah the Almighty to make it easy for us, and to make us among huffaz ( memorizers of the Quran). Allah made the Quran easier for rememberance.

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