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(Opinion) 4 Characters That Could Bring Curse Upon Your Life Instead Of Blessings

People are so nonchalant about the things they do or say, they fail to understand that some words are too deep and could put them in trouble. One major thing that defines a matured man or woman is their character. Character is like pregnancy, you cannot hide it.

There are some discussions or arguments you should not engage in. Those kind of discussion might bring curse upon your life and family. Here are some of those characters;

1. Gossiping about A clergyman. A clergyman could be a pastor, rev. Father, bishop or Pope. The bible said, touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. It means that you shouldn't judge any of God's anointed, don't talk bad about them. Even if you think they are not doing it right, just pray for them because they are not perfect. Gossiping about them will attract curse upon your life.

2. Making a vow in the church without fulfilling it. This is for people who always want to be seen, they are always quick to run out and vow a huge amount of money. They expect the church to keep begging them to redeem their vows. Let me tell you something, the person you are owing is God and as long as you are owing him, you will never prosper.

3. Stealing money from the church. This is common amongst ushers and people who are always in charge of church offering. You might think nobody is seeing you, but God is watching you. You will surely get your reward.

4. Scattering people's marriage. We all saw what happened to David after he killed Uriah and coveted his wife. Even though, God later showed him mercy. Many men and women are in the business of ruining people's marriages, I am happy to announce to you that the end is destruction.

Change now before it's too late.

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