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Here 10 Good Qualities of Prophet Odumeje That People Rarely Talk About.

Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere known as Odumeje is the General Overseer and the founder of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Ministry. He is well known for his deliverance style. Some people refer to him as WWE Pastor. While some people think he is fake, Some think he is genuine. 

I'm not here to tell weather he is genuine or fake. I believe there is sense in every nonsense. I have been to his Church, and I observed some good qualities in him, I began to wonder why people rarely talk about all these good things he does. I decided to put it down to let you know that people only see the bad sides of you. Even your best friend will never say good things about you behind your back. Here are good qualities I found in Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere known as Odumeje. 

1. He is simple minded. Prophet Odumeje has the mind of a child. 

2. He sees people as equal. He doesn't show respect to the rich and disrespect the poor. He handles all cases equally.

3. He consoles the elderly who have problems with warm hugs before diving into their situations.

4. He helps the needy, pays their house rent, pays school fees for those who could not afford to pay. When he pays hospital bills for women who just put to bed, he gives their husbands money to take care of their wives and children. 

5. He sees people one on one every Monday and Tuesday from 10:am - 3:am. 

6. God uses him to heal hundreds of sick people every Friday.

7. He encourages people to call him on phone when they encounter difficulty anywhere, any time. He also picks his calls, I mean all calls.

8. He is a good husband and a father to his family. He respects his mother and siblings a lot despite being the one feeding them. He humbles himself before his mother.

9. All the while I have been to his church, I have never seen him annoyed. He is always happy and smiles often. When he sees an unhappy face, he tries his best to make sure he tackle the reason for the unhappiness.

10. He sings and dances for God like no other. David was known as a man after God's own heart because he sings for God. God favoured him and gave him victory. This is also one of the reasons why Odumeje is favoured also.Share your opinions and thoughts in the comment section.

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