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5 Bible Verses You Should Read When You Wake Up In The Morning

There are some Bible verses you should read when you wake up in the morning and this is because God commands that you should let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom, and since John 6:63 reveals that God's word is spirit and life and that Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21), you must read and declare the word of God written in the Bible to address the morning and take charge of the day. 

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Since the morning marks the beginning of the day, equipping and edifying yourself with the word of God in some verses of the Bible will not only make you receive from God the needed strength to prosper and become productive but will also make him release every resource you need to achieve success in all your endeavors (Psalm 1:2-3).

Here are five Bible verses you should read when you wake up in the morning.

1. Isaiah 50:7.

According to the Bible verse above, the Lord God will help you and because of this, you will not be confounded, and as you have set your face like a flint, you will not be ashamed. This means that God will help you and you will not be confused or put to shame because you look unto him for his promise to help you (Isaiah 41:10). So, you should read and declare the Bible verse when. you wake up in the morning to renew your hope and faith in the Lord to help you.

2. 2Timothy 1:7.

The Bible verse above reveals that you have not received the spirit of fear but the one that is of love, power, and sound mind. This means you should understand the kind of Spirit you have received from God, and what it is capable of doing for you, and that it is the spirit that does not give fear but love, power, and sound mind, and by reading and declaring the verse when you wake up in the morning will strengthen your faith to believe in the Spirit of God and seek his help in whatever you plan to do.

3. Psalm 3:8.

This Bible verse reveals that salvation belongs to the Lord and his blessing is on his people. This means that God alone gives salvation and his blessing comes upon his people, and since you are one of his people, reading and declaring this verse by faith will make God release his blessing upon you and proverbs 10:22 reveals that God's blessing makes rich, and he never adds sorrows with it.

4. Psalm 68:1.

According to this verse, God should arise and scatter his enemies. This means that God should arise and scatter everyone who has become his enemies, and as a child of God, your enemies are God's enemies, and so reading and declaring this verse will make God arose and scatter every enemy assigned to work against your progress.

5. Psalm 29:11 and Proverbs 24:5.

The Bible verses reveal that God will strengthen his people and also bless them with peace and that a wise man is strong, and also that a man of knowledge increases strength. This means that the Lord gives strength through the knowledge that he reveals to you, and he will also bless you with peace. Therefore, reading and declaring the verses given above when you wake up in the morning will make God establish the words written in them as you believe and declare them by faith.

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