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Top 5 powerful old songs that are more powerful than prayers. Meditate as you sing any of them

Prayer is the key, but praising God is the fastest way to reach God. A chorister prays twice in one good song. Therefore, if you want to talk to God easily and have your problems solved faster, do more of praises and worships. These are the express way to reach God.

Imagine yourself singing a heart touching praises, perhaps for your own pleasure or happiness. How do you feel? What about when you sing a heart melting song to God, how do you feel? Why do you enter in sprit and start speaking in tongues just by singing? Sometimes you just sing because a particular song just came into your mind, and before you know it, you are already in spirit. If you, a mere human, a mere mortal can feel this way, how much more God who's food is praises and worships?

As a mother or father, if you can give your child what he or she wants, you are happy and the child will be happy too. But it also depend on the child too. If the child does what you want, he or she will easily get something from you. As a child, you will easily get something from your parents if you always make them happy. A mischievous child may never get something from his or her parents no matter how in need he or she may be.

We are all children of God, therefore, to impress and get something from God, we must always make him happy. How do we make him happy? By simply doing what he wants.

Number one thing is to abstain from sin. Sin creates very long distance between us and God. Knowing how important this is and abstaining from sin will bring you closer to God. Remember, the prayer of an unrighteous one is like an abomination to God. Ask for God's forgiveness today and you shall be blessed.

Let me teach you how to sing to impress God.

If you must impress God, you have to sing with all you heart. Some people only make noise thinking that they are singing. That is wrong. It is not determined by how loud your voice is for our God is not deaf. It is how well you have sung. To sing very well, meditate as you sing. Understand the meaning of every word and sentence in the song. Don't sing to impress anyone. Don't sing to impress yourself. Sing to impress God.

If you understand what you are saying or singing by understanding the meaning of every single word used in the song, if you sing to impress God, and if you sing with unbiased mind, then you are not far from your blessings. While singing, please, I reiterate, meditate. It is good to encounter the holy Spirit while singing. It is good to speak in tongues while singing. Pray less and sing more and your house may not contain your blessings.

Now let's talk about these top 5 powerful songs that are more powerful than prayers.

If you can implement the above instructions while singing these songs, you will come back here to give your testimonies.

1. Wonderful wonder by Nathaniel Bassey

You can download it from This song is filled with blessings if you meditate while singing it. It helps you imagine how wonderful our God is. It shows that God is everywhere. It is actually an old song that can not be forgotten in a hurry.

2. Ekwueme by Prospa Ochimana and Osinachi Nwachukwu

This song has deep meaning and can make you speak in tongues. This song will make you burst to tears if you sing it with all your heart and mind focused on God. It shows how faithful our God is. It tells us that God does exactly what he said he would do. Meditate as you sing this song for better results. Truly I tell you, if you sing very well, you won't only move mountains and walls as the saints in the Bible did, you will also move God. God won't even know when he started pouring blessings on you. My dear, intoxicate God with your voice.

3. Lead me to the cross by Hillsong

This song reminds us, not just us but our Lord Jesus Christ how he shed his blood for our sins. It tells Jesus Christ that we belong to him. That he should lead us to the cross where his blood poured out. Capturing every word in this song as you sing will melt your heart. If it can melt your strong and stone-like heart, how much more our God who is very merciful?

4. Casting crowns by Nathaniel Bassey.

This song makes us show some respect to God without asking for anything. It makes us feel selfless and praise God. It tells God that we've only come to cast crown, raise hands and bow down to him. Of course, he deserve more than that.

5. I will sing by don moen

This song shows God how faithful we are to him. No matter the condition we are in, we have to give praises to God.

Sing these songs like your life depends on them. Remember, don't make noise in the name of singing to God. God is not deaf. Sing responsibly. May God bless us as we sing to him the right way. AMEN.

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