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Say These Prayers So That The Almighty Father Will Bless Your Efforts With Success in The New Month

Nobody wishes for his or her effort to be wasted or to be in vain. This is a new month and the struggle and work for money continues. It is necessary to the Almighty Father to crown your efforts with success in this new month.

Join in prayer today to tender this prayer of success to the Lord:


Heavenly Father, Bless my efforts to succeed and not to experience failures.

Almighty Father, bless my work with prosperity.

Lord, grant me wisdom to make the right choices in my business and at my work.

Father, grant me with the learning spirit to constantly increase my skills.

Oh Lord, keep me organized and free from distractions.

Father, I shall not work in vain in this new month.

Lord, enlarge my business territory.

Lord, help me to shun laziness.

Father, Help me to work hard with patience.

Almighty father, Bless the works of my hands.

   For in Jesus Name I Pray 

Don't Forget To Say "Amen"

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