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Declare This Morning Prayers For Divine Greatness And Progress From God

Almighty Father, the Light of the world and Fountain of life. We appreciate the kindness you have shown us through the night. As we step our today, Father leads my generation on the path of greatness and progress. Open dynamic door to greatness and progress in my home today in the name of Jesus. Let all my efforts and labor catapult my home today to the realm of greatness and progress in Jesus Christ name. Let whatever we lay our hands upon today lead our destiny to greatness and progress. Father, saturate my home with your dynamic anointing of greatness and progress, in the name of Jesus Christ. Cover my destiny with the ointment of greatness and progress, in the name of Jesus Christ. Eternal Father, surround my seed today with angels of greatness and progress, in the name of Jesus. Let my family experience dynamic success and greatness financially. Maritally let my marriage experience dynamic uplift and greatness in bliss and happiness in Jesus name. Eternal Father, adorn my home with your garb of dynamic greatness and progress, in the name of Jesus. Lord, today I order that my business shall grow to greatness. May God guide my destiny to greatness in everything related to my life. Father, let all my steps today attract dynamic progress into my life and destiny in Jesus Christ name. May graces for dynamic progress be released upon my children academically today and beyond in the name of Jesus. I command that they will greatly increase in knowledge and understanding in Jesus name. The door of all round progress will open for my generation. At every stage and level of my family, we shall prosper and make great progress in the name of Jesus Christ. As from today, my family she make progressive progress in every good fortune of life. All the demons assigned to stop the progress and greatness of my family shall be crushed and shattered by fire. Every boundary wall built around my progress and greatness shall be crushed by fire, in the name of Jesus. Lord connect my home with dynamic success and achievement in Jesus Christ name.

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Jesus Christ


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