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Check Out What A Pastor Did For The Crippled Man Who Danced Joyfully During His Baby's Dedication

The video of a crippled man dancing joyfully while doing his baby dedication in Anambra state recently went viral. The video served as an example to people who find it hard to appreciate the lord. The man who looked like someone in his early 30's could be seen moving his body happily as the songs were being sang. He was also crawling towards the altar of the Catholic church as his wife held the child and danced with him to the altar. This particular video also touched a lot of people, and the man got sprayed a lot of money by people in the church.

An update was given by Aproko TV, and it was reported that the physically challenged man has been blessed by a pastor known as Rukendo Peters. The pastor gifted the young man a wheelchair as it was obvious that the man probably didn't have one.

The young man could be seen sitting on a plastic chair as the pastor spoke to him. The wheelchair was obviously folded in a transparent nylon that was held by a woman. The wheelchair was then given to the man and he took some photos with people while sitting on it.

After this post was made by Warri Aproko, it got lots of comments from people. Most of them thanked the pastor for this kind act towards the man. Check out some of the comments below.

Source: Warri Aproko

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