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5 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack

A spiritual attack is a coordinated set of events orchestrated by the demonic realm in order to frustrate promises, undermine faith, oppress believers, and delay the fulfillment of destiny in their lives.

Believers are often confronted with spiritual battle in their attempts to develop deeper intimacy with the things of God. How there are many Christians that are ignorance of strategies employed by the adversary in the spiritual realm. 

There are also some Christians that believe that the struggle they are experiencing is simply a natural battle, while in fact, something lot more is happening in the spirit.  

As a Christian, how can you tell if you're being attacked in the spirit? In this post, we would be looking at the five signs that can help us understand. 

1. When you are no longer passionate about God's things: The devil seeks to take your zeal for God. Your prayer life begins to drop. This could be a true test of your commitment. 

2. Frustration. This is another means the enemy employs in order oppress the mind of the believers. When you are frustrated, almost everything will begin to irritate you. Anyone who finds oneself under a state of siege will get agitated and apprehensive.

3. Confusion. When you often get confused over minor things. One of the primary objectives of an attack is to free a believer from the clutches of fate. 

4. Lack of peace of mind. When the enemy occupies your mind with a many thoughts and constant worries in order to rob the mind of peace. 

5. Sluggish in attitudes. The adversary does everything he can to make you feel mentally drained and worn out.

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