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Pray these prophetic prayers before you go out today.

It is another new opportunity to witness another day in your life. In this article I will share some prophetic prayers from the Bible that will make your day a blessed day through out. The Bible says that we shall make a decree and it shall come to pass. Therefore I want you to make positive declaration about yourself and pray with faith and your life will never remain the same.

If you will only believe and have faith in God, all this blessings shall come to you and overtake you. If only you will listen to the voice of God over your life.

However here are the prophetic prayers for you today.

1 you are blessed in the City.

Blessed are you in the city, and blessed are you in your working place. The Lord God shall cause his face to shine upon your life. You will posses your possession in the city. You will live to eat the fruit of your labour.

2 Blessed shall be the fruit of your work.

The lord God shall bless the fruit of your labour, he will increase your income and less your struggles in Jesus name, you will receive double promotion in your working place and men shall favour you today.

3 Blessed shall be your going in and out.

The Lord God shall bless you, you shall be bless when you come in and you shall be bless when you go out. The blessings of God will overtake you today, whatever you are doing for a living, shall be bless in Jesus name.

4 Your enemies shall be smitten before you.

The lord God shall cause those that will rise against you today, to be destroy. They will come against you in one way but they shall be scatter and flee before you in seven ways. All your enemies are subject to you today in Jesus name.

5 The Lord will bless the works of your hand.

The lord God will command his blessings upon you today in your working place, and whatsoever you put your hands it shall be bless and prosperous, you are bless whenever you are. If you don't have work or something doing, the Lord God will provide one for you soon.

6 you will not be a borrower.

God bless will overtake you, God will bless the works of your hand, you will not borrow rather you shall be a lender. You shall be like tree where many shall come and rest under your shade.

Arise and claim these blessings into your life today and your life will never remain the same again in Jesus name. Amen.

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