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If Markets Can Be Seen Like This, Remind Me Why Churches And Mosques In Lagos Still On Lockdown?

If Markets Can Be Seen Like This, Remind Me Why Churches And Mosques In Lagos Still On Lockdown?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen men as I write to you this with a heavy concerned as this is my own view on everything that has been going on.

As we all know that the world has been going through a very challenging time for the past 6 months now which no one expected such thing to occur which only God knows why.

As we all pray that soon this pandemic crisis will be over very soon.

No one pray for evil, no body saw it coming and the rest and my sincere condolences goes to families who had lost their love ones, friends and family members as I say may their soul rest well.

But mine concern to is why are Churches and Mosques in Lagos still on lockdown? when like almost all other sectors is still open apart from school.

You agree with me that there is nothing like social distancing when you work down to our various markets especially those of us in Lagos. I mean you can see that every where in the market is always full.

Not to even talk about people putting on Nose mask which I may say is telling.

Come to think of it, don't you think that the Churches and Mosques would even be more organized? Comparing what we are seeing in our markets today.

I personally lives close to alaba international market and you need to come take a look at how the place is always crowded with people.

To me if there is a locked down then there should be a total lockdown not opening some places and shutting down other places most especially when it has to do with where people talk to God.

I don't know about other person but as for me am really tired of staying at home.

To me if markets can be open which I believe is one of the most crowded places to be as I really don't see any organising not to talk of social distance then I see no reason why the Churches, Mosques or probably schools should still remain closed?

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