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Joyce Meyer Reveals Why God Does Allow People To Go Through Challenges In Life

Joyce Meyer is the founder and presiding Pastor of the America-based Joyce Meyer Ministries. The cleric renowned for her exhortative messages has taken to her official Facebook page to share a message she delivered on why God sometimes does allow people to go through challenges.

According to the cleric, from 0:49 of the video, she has stressed in her words that, the reason why God does allow people to go through challenges is to equip and qualify them for His service. God in His power would get you prepared through the various challenges which are a form of training, for you to be able to withstand and overcome trials and to also be a sort of motivation and help to others.

The various challenges that God allows you to go through would equip you with the necessary credentials that make you suitable and fit to face and overcome greater challenges. When you see people going through some situations in life, the former similar experiences you have had in the past would make you eligible to advise and be a source of succours for them.

As a believer, you might have been through so many challenges where all you need to hear are some edifying and encouraging words that fit your situation; most times, their words have not been forthcoming only because, people have not been through similar situations that make them fit to encourage anyone going through some challenges. But, when God allows you to pass through some challenges and trials of life, you become well-equipped with the ability to be sustained and sustain others, through difficult times.

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