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Six (6) Controversial Bible Passages And Their True meaning.

The Bible is regarded as a prophetic book with deep spiritual meaning. The riches of this book is best conveyed by the author ( that is the Holy Spirit).

Across different dispensations, many have tried to use their intellectual prowess to demystify the bible and have gotten stuck in one way or the other. This is why some persons regard it as a book that doesn't make sense.

It is on this premise that we have several Christian and pseudo-christian sets who propose different ideas with respect to the bible.

In this article, I will do my best to bring to you some scriptures that are hard nuts to crack by the intellect, but by full deployment of the Holy Spirit, it can be well understood.

1.Women to keep Silent in the Church.


Women are inferior to men and as such they should respect men. Thus, she is not to exercise any form of authority over men. But how will you relate this with the scripture below:

Galatians 3:28 "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus"

They seem conflicting, right? Others have gone ahead to stress this that a lady should not be a Pastor or rule over men and the likes. Well, does that mean every lady out there are exempted from the five fold ministries?

My Opinion:

If you look at first Timothy 2:12 very well, you will noticed the word "I" . In this scenario, Paul the Apostle gave the blueprint that will help the church to maintain order. It may be that there was a lot of chaos and the lordship of women over men.

Moreso, the strategy he employed here worked for the early church. But you will agree with me that this strategy may not work in every church settings. Nevertheless, the central thought remains the same. The central thought in his writing is that women should learn the attitude of submission. In other words, they should not cross their God ordained boundaries. So any strategy you employ to do this is correct.

If you have a contrary opinion please share it.

2. The Pit of an Adultress is For whosoever God is angry with.


The above scripture seems to suggest that God appoints adultresses as corrective measures to punish who He is angry with. The big question is: will God punish the adultress since she is fulfilling God's desires? If yes, then, there is no justice with Him. If no, then He is partial.

Secondly, is there anyone ordained to be an adultress? In other words, are there persons on earth whose assignment is just to be an adultress? This sounds weird and confusing. This is how intellectual men got stucked in their voyage to interpret the Bible.

My Opinion:

The first thing I want to establish is that everything on earth and in heaven are meant to fulfill prophecies ( I.e God's Word). And when you go through the Bible, you will find out that there are lots of good promises as well as bad promises too. In any case, nobody's name is attached to it. It is simply a free meal for anyone who is hungry for it.

In the same light, we know that the world cannot be 100% righteous. That means, some are still on the path to fulfil negative prophecies. It is on this premise that the above scripture was given.

3. Cut off Any part of your body that is sinful.


The above scripture suggests a literal cutting off or removal of any body part that is causing one to sin. The issue here is, we humans are liable to sin everyday with virtually every part of the body. So, if you cut off the part of the body that is causing you to sin, then, you would have died long ago. Every man born of a woman has once committed sin with his eyes, ears, hands, brain, heart and so on. Then, just imagine how life will be like without these body parts.

My Opinion:

It is good to note here that physical amputation is not the only way to cut off your body organs. For instance, if I decides to discipline my hands to ensure that I doesn't take what is not mine, that is like cutting off the hand. How? The hand is stopped from functioning the way it wants to.

4. Looking at a woman Lustfully.


If this is true literally, then it means we all are doomed for destruction. While growing up, this is one of the scriptures that scared me. This is because, it is like both he who commits the act physically and you who probably did it mentally are of the same rank.

This sounds like lopsided judgement. I know some persons will be like "let me just commit physical act, at least I know that I actually did it". A popular adage says " if you must eat frog, eat the type that has eggs". In other words, eat the adult frog and not the baby frog.

My opinion:

First, I want us to look at it from this perspective. If I put a big prize tag on something, it simply means it is highly valuable by me and vice versa. On the other hand, if I place a death sentence on an act, it is simply an attempt to communicate the gravity of such offence to me.

Thus, this is a doctrine that teaches us to do everything within our strength to avoid the act by first cutting away the sight. Every one knows that every act begins with the heart.

5. Wipe out My enemies.


The above passage pictures a scenario of a mighty God who is giving an order for His angel to wipe out all His enemies. Question: Can a man who was made by a loving Father be destroyed by the same father? In other words, if my father claims He loves me, then, how come he can kill me if I offend him? Is that truly love?

It is base on this premise that some denominations have denied the concept of the "judgement day" . Moreso, they believe that everyone is ordained for eternal life. While this is morally correct, it is however a spiritual blunder!

My Opinion:

Let me put it this way. If I tell my child not to do a particular thing and he continues to do it, thereafter, he is arrested and sentenced to death, is it a sign of hatred? It is simply the justice system that has caught up with him.

In the same light, the Amorites, Hittites, Jebusites, Perizites, Canaanites and Hivites were given time to withdraw from their wicked ways, yet they disobeyed. Thus, destruction was the justice system of God catching up with them. It is called "nemesis" or "the principle of Karma".

6. Kill an Adulterer and an Adultress


Taking a surface look at the above scripture seems like it is coming from a very harsh author. It is like an iron law. It spells death sentence to any and everyone who is engaged in it. Though, humanly speaking, it is inhumane for a man to sleep with another man's wife.

This law seems not to give a second chance to anybody who is involved in it. If this is true, then, why do some persons get a second chance by God to turn a new leave and become a vessel for Him. If such was killed, then what would have become of him? Sometimes, when you want to follow God mentally, His workings can blow your mental fuse. Lol!

Notwithstanding, this is not an article that seek to encourage such nefarious act anyway.

My Opinion:

I think what God seeks to communicate here is His deep hatred for this act. It is an act of infidelity and immorality. Like I said earlier, the punishment that is allotted to an offence can tell you how irritating, disgusting and inhuman such act is.


I am claiming to be a genius here, i am still learning. Don't condemn me if I have a contrary opinion from you. All I want you to do for me is to state your opinions too in the comment section below.

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