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As a Muslim, Here Are 3 Things You Should Never Do When You Are Sick

Wealth, health, and death are all under Allah's control. Allah puts Muslims to the test on various occasions, whether it is through sickness, death, poverty, or something else. As a result, Muslims should always be prepared to tackle such challenges in good faith.

When something good or bad happens to you, the prophet advises you to thank Allah and go on. We'll talk about sickness and the harmful practices Muslims should avoid when they're sick in this article.

1. Never blame Allah for your illness.

"Do you know the disease, the remedy, and the healing?" Al-Rabia' ibn Khuthaym, may Allah have pity on him, asked his companions, according to Abu Nu'aym. They declined. "The ailment is sin," Al-Rabia' explained, "the medicine is seeking Allah's pardon, and the mending is repenting and not repeating it."

Muslims should understand that disease is a benefit since Allah forgives their sins, as stated in the preceding Hadith. As a result, Muslims should never blame Allah or entertain any other thoughts. Some Muslims believe Allah does not love them, which is why they are unwell, yet such thinking is exceedingly dangerous for a Muslim.

2. Muslims should never go to a sorcerer.

Black magic, also known as "Sihr" in the Holy Quran, is one of the most condemned act a in Islam. All forms of magic are considered haram because the underlying concept contradicts Islamic principles.

Muslims should never perform such things; instead, they should pray for healing and take the appropriate remedies.

3. Muslims should always take their medications as prescribed.

Muslims should not fold their arms and just depend on Allah for their recovery. They should take the prescribed meds and hope for the best.

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