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Before The Sun Set Today Make These Prophetic Declarations Concerning Your Destiny

Give thanks to the Lord for the grace given unto you to witness another breaking of the day.

Many slept yesterday but they were unable to wake up this morning, appreciate the name of the for his protection and guidance throughout the period of the night.

Now ask for the forgiveness of your sins, the bible says; "For all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God"

Inorder not to pray in vain, humbly ask for the forgiveness of all your sins this morning, Our God is merciful and kind, and He's ready to forgive and remember not your sin anymore.

Before The Sun Set This Wednesday Morning, Make These Prophetic Declaration

1. Everlasting Father, I come to you this morning, because my destiny lies in your able hands, Father Lord let all your good plans come to pass in my life in Jesus mighty name.

2. Father Lord, let my destiny and my glory be secure in your able hands today in Jesus mighty name.

3. Every steps that I'm taking or that I'm about to take that are against my destiny, Oh Lord please deliver my soul from such steps and direct me to the right path in Jesus mighty name.

4. Oh Lord, let the light of the day brings joy, favour, mercy, happiness and greatness to my life today in Jesus mighty name.

5. Oh Lord, let your light shines through my darkest path and let every element of darkness be eradicate from my life in Jesus mighty name.

As the Lord liveth, as you've said before him this morning so shall it be in Jesus mighty name.


Have a blessed day.

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