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6 Similarities Between Catholics And Muslims

Please this post is not meant to insult any of the practitioners of the faith mentioned here, but just an avenue to voice my observations. If you feel offended, sorry.

Most times we focus on the difference between the Christian faith and the Islamic faith and we don't necessarily notice that there are certain similarities between them.

The Catholic Church is the largest body of Christians in the world and they can lay claim to being the ones to spread Christianity around the world.

On a closer look one would observe that there are similarities between Catholicism and Islam in practice.

Here are a few of the similarities I know of.

**Dressing: The Catholic Priest wears a cassock, while the Muslim Imam/Alfa wears Jellabia.

When it comes to their women, the Catholic nun wears veils and the Muslim women wear hijab.

**Mode Of Praying: Both Catholics and Muslims pray with chaplet

**They knee down during prayers

**They Fast Over a Long Period: Catholic fast during the Lenten period (40-45 days) And end with the Easter celebration, Muslims fast for 30 days in the Ramadan period before ending it with Eid el-Fitri.

**Holy Place: The Catholics see St. Peter's, Rome as a holy place and Muslims see Mecca, Saudi Arabia as a holy place.

**They are very strong in their faith to an extent most people call them ‘fanatics’.

Are these similarities a coincidence or there is a deeper connection between the Catholic and Islamic faith.

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