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Six Ways Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Tells Muslims To Treat Christians, Jews

The prophet Muhammad (SAW), was sent to preach and affirm the monotheistic teachings of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets, according to Islamic doctrine.

According to this context in (Qur'an 2:62)

Surely, those who believe, and those who are Jews, the Christians and the sabians, whoever believes in God and the last day and does good, They will receive their reward from their lord, and they will not be afraid of them, nor will they grieve.

Here Are The Six Ways The Prophet Say We Should Treat Christians

1. No Christian will be brought forcibly to confess Islam, and no debates besides over the better things will be conceived in with them. Muslims will stretch out over the Christians wherever the arm of leniency and graciousness, shielding them from the exactions of oppressors." 

2. "If anyone is unjust and unfavorable to the Christians, he will be guilty of failure to obey the Prophet of God."

3. "If Christians seek the aid and assistance of Muslims to build or restore their synagogue or churches and their convents or to arrange matters relating to their affairs and faith, Muslims must be of assistance and support to them." 

4. "Muslims must not desert the Christians, ignore them, and leave them without assistance and assistance, because on behalf of Allah I have made this agreement with them to ensure that whatever good happened to Muslims, it would also happen to Christians and that whatever harm happened to Muslims would also happen to Christians".

5. ...Christians have obtained inviolable rights to enjoy our protection, to be protected from any encroachment on their privileges, so that they will be bound to the Muslims both in good and bad fortune.”

6. "If a Christian woman enters a Muslim household, she will be welcomed in her church with an open heart, compassion, and an opportunity and privilege to pray; there will be no conflict between her and a man who loves her faith. Whoever has broken Allah's covenant and behaves according to it is a rebel against his covenant and his messenger."

This is not limited to Christianity, just so you may know. Islam also provides some guidelines through the Prophet Muhammad about how Muslims should act towards others. 

Muslims are not ordered to take the lives of Christians and non-believers, contrary to common opinion. They are specifically told to better handle them.

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