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5 Kinds Of Friends You Will Encounter In Life -Pastor Kumuyi Reveals.

The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry Pastor W.F Kumuyi in a recent video on his Facebook page shared a message with the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "True friendship must be purposefully nurtured to be of benefit to man. Therefore, Faithful friends are few, while false friends are many. Many people are friends with the rich, while the poor are cast away and separated. On this note, there are 5 kinds of friends you will encounter in life. They are:

1. CASUAL friends: these are friends who are never there. And nothing flows to you from them.

2. COMMITTED friends: these are friends who are always there no matter the time and situation. 

3. CONFIRMED friends: These are friends on which you can give testimony of their actions, helpfulness, and kindness. 

4. CONSCIENTIOUS friends: These are friends who always work on their relationships with their friends. They take you as a project. They have a purpose for you, to make you better and what you ought to be. They help move you to a better level. 

5. CONSTANT and CONSECRATED friends: these are friends who are steady and dependable

Speaking further he said "Casual friends are not valuable but committed, confirmed, and consecrated ones are. Therefore, we should Know That Bad and sinful friend influence our lives negatively. And they inflict much suffering here and on the other side. Good friends are beneficial and profitable. They assist us to have everlasting happiness in heaven. Speaking lastly Kumuyi said " Good, profitable, and practical friendship is what you must cultivate and grow with. Because If you leave your garden, bad weeds will grow there.

Watch The Facebook Video Here.

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