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No real Christian should speak against Bishop Oyedepo message on tithing, he speaks with knowledge


In the Christian world the talks about tithing is getting louder. Everyone that have access to the internet come online to try to force his own idea or angle of thoughts on everyone.

For the past 2 days now, many people have been reacting to what Bishop Oyedepo said about tithing. Most of these people verbally speaking against his message are Christians. This is not supposed to be. 

Bishop Oyedepo has been in the vain yard of the Lord for over 40 years now. He has seen the impact of faith in tithing in his life. He his not just preaching it for his own gain, but for the gain of all Christians. Oyedepo did not just become successful in his ministry. He worked for it. And it's the experience that have helped him to succeed he is trying to pass on Christians. He was not the only pastor to have started ministry during his time. There were many pastors back then. But how many of them made much impact like him? Not many. 

No real Christian should speak against Bishop David Oyedepo. Its not compulsory to do what he advised Christians to do. You mustn't come online to talk bad about him so as to sound intelligent. You don't speak ill against an anointed man of God.

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