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Basket-mouth reacts to bishop David Oyedepo's tithing sermon.

Nigerian popular comedian baskemouth, has reacted to the tithing sermon from God servant pastor David Oyedepo concerning tithing.

Just recently the general overseer of living Faith church, God servant bishop David Oyedepo, spoke about tithing and it's consequences if not paid in his breaking limit message.

According to Bishop David Oyedepo when you don, 't pay your tithe you can never enjoy God's wealth and prosperity and you will be under a financial course if that commandment is not obeyed.

This has cause the comedian basket-mouth to react saying the government are threatening us with prosecution for refusal to pay taxes, and now the church is also threatening people with financial course for not paying tithe.

According to the comedian with the current situation in the country's economy paying of taxes, and also paying of tithes, and with the rate of unemployment in the country is bad he also said the life is not balance at all.

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