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Start Your Weekend With God's Blessings By Saying These Prayers

Blessing is unquestionably desirable for everyone, since everyone want to be blessed in his or her life. That is why God grants mercy, blessings, health, and wealth to anybody who prays to Him and obeys Him.

So, try to say these prayers to begin your weekend with God's blessings this Morning

Please, God, make your promises of goodness come true in my life. I am confident in your promises, and I am confident that they will be fulfilled. As a result, I respectfully request that you bless me with excellent health, long life, and prosperity. Please make it possible for me to appreciate all of your blessings from now. I pray for your Holy Spirit's guidance in doing what is right. Please direct me by your Holy Spirit to be a positive Servant, and may your glory continually shine through me.

Oh, God, Thank you for all of your love and blessings in our life. Thank you for your unending favor, which lasts for the rest of our lives. Please forgive us for forgetting that you are intimately familiar with all of our ways, that you are aware of our problems, and that you protect us like a shield. We ask for your blessing and goodness to be with us today.

Oh, Almighty God, hear my petition. I pray that you will look favorably on me and bestow your blessings upon me, Because you are a provider of good things, merciful and compassionate. Please show me your love and grace, I will follow in your footsteps and sing praises to your name forever. I will put my trust in you forever and ever, O Lord. Amen.

I adore you, God. Thank you for the blessings we have received as a result of our God-given gifts, both individually and collectively. Place a desire to make a difference in our families, our communities, our country, and the numerous cultures and peoples around the world in our hearts. Give us a feeling of balance in times of distraction and uncertainty, and assist us in achieving our goals with tenacity and a good sense of humor.

Oh, God, Thank you for providing food in a world where many people suffer from hunger, for our faith in a world where many people suffer from fear, and for friends in a world where many people suffer from loneliness. Please bless us throughout our lives.


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