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6 Things Pastor David Oyedepo Said At The Covenant Hour Of Prayer

Pastor David Oyedepo Jr spoke at the Covenant Hour of Prayer. He spoke about the fact that everyone is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his or her life. Here are 6 things he said while giving his sermon

1. God expects our productivity but our productivity demands our responsibility. Until we engage the force of responsibility, we cannot experience productivity on any revelation unveiled to us.

2. It becomes important for us to take hold of every light that comes our way with responsibility and when that is the case, we see that light produce abundantly.

3. Responsibility is not corporate but personal. We are called to engage the labour room of prayer as individuals. But prayer is a personal responsibility. Every individual is called to pray. Every believer is tasked to pray and prayer is classified in the Kingdom as labour

4. As far as God is concerned, the prayer room is a labour room. It is the place where we engage in spiritual labour and the beauty of labour in the Kingdom is that in all labour there is profit.

5. Ineffective prayers, there are rewards. When the Kingdom is a priority on the altar of prayer, then what you are praying is labour, it is classified as labour that is due for reward.

6. Every time we labour in the Kingdom, on the altar of prayer inclusive, God records it and the record of God is for the reward of God. Whatever God records, God rewards. So the altar of prayer when effectively engaged, positions you and me for supernatural rewards.

Source: Church Gist.

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