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Will God Also Judge Mad People? Check Out Biblical Truths!

Madness is a mental illness wherein the victim lives in fantasy and myth. What they do has nothing to do with reality. They think what they are doing is the right thing and what others are doing is the wrong thing. This is the situation of such people.

This mental illness can be caused by so many things. It can be caused by stress, drugs, psychological and child abuse, losing parents at a very tender age. It can also be caused by demons and satanic onslaughts.

Whichever way, it's something that should not happen to a person because of the stigma that is attached to it.

But does this mean these victims are no longer human beings? No, they are! It's just that they are not living in reality. But that doesn't make them any less human. Considering the fact that all men, rich and poor, high and mighty, male and female, will one day end up in the grave, we ought not despise anyone. We can only thank for our lives!

In this article however, the big question is, will God judge mad people? Or will they skip judgement, considering the fact that they don't know what they are doing? Do mad people still have a conscience or they don't? That's what we want to dig out in this article!

Firstly, we ought to remember that God said in Romans 14:12 , "So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." According to this scripture, we can see that this includes everyone. There is no exception!

But we ought to be aware that man is Triune being, comprising of a body, spirit and soul. Madness only affects the mind(soul)- the intellectual part of man and reflects in the body. It does not affect the spirit. The spirit remains God's. And will return to God after death!

We also need to know that it is only human beings that can be mad. Spirits or dead people can not be mad. Even madness that is caused by fierce satanic attacks on the spirit of man can only last while the person lives, but can not affect the person after death. A good biblical example is the mad man of Gadara in Mark 5. Clearly, we can see that this man was controlled by evil forces of darkness, forces beyond his control. The spirits will lead him to the tomb to torment himself. He would use stones to cut himself. There was no chain that could hold him. He had superhuman strength as a result of the demons that possessed him. He had extraordinary boldness. He could stay in the tomb with dead people. This was his state.

But something is worthy of note: this man, when He encountered Jesus could recognize him as the Son of God. He knew he met with the savior. Although, he was living in fantasy, his spirit's intuition could sense that his day of deliverance had finally come. After meeting with the power of God, his spirit was touched. In his words he said, "What have you to do with me, thou son of God?!" And that very day, he received salvation and he was healed totally, and immediately became an evangelist. His conscience came alive. So wonderful!

Yet we also need to consider the fact that if he had died mad, would he have been judged?! According to the scriptures, yes, he would have been judged! But this judgement would have been based on his past deeds before he became mad. And if he happen to get well during his lifetime , then his judgement will be based on his past deeds before he became mad and his deeds after he became well.

What do you think about this biblical exposition. Please share your thoughts below!

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