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Todays Prayer points from open Heavens- Blooming in glory.

Topic: Blooming in glory

Text: Esther 2:1- the end

Bible character: Esther, job, Paul


What do you understand by when something blooms?- it means when something comes out well developed and shaped more than expected.

In Gods area, it's when you are a different personality as a born again, what am i trying to say , like the topic we all need to be a different personalized when it comes to prayer and anything that has to do with God so that our life will shine out well.

For example:

Esther: She's the niece of Mordecai, but because she was steadfast in her will to please God and never backslide that is why she was able to shine in her time.

Job: the man who never denied God despite all the pressure on him, he was still himself and God made him bloom by making his glory shine.

Paul: formerly named Saul, but was lucky to be delivered by God himself, despite not being a disciple he was known far and wrote most of the Bible.

Lets pray:

Our most righteous father, we thank you for another morning today, we also thank you for the grace to be a living witness of your grace, accept our Thanksgiving.

Lord we've come before you today, please make us bloom in your glory, help us to be steadfast in our worship to you and at the end of everything we shall give glory, Amen.

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Esther Mordecai Paul


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