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Proclaim This Prayer For Divine Help From God Today, 25/2/2021

Father thank you for making it possible for us to see the last week of February , I will praise and worship you all till my last day on earth Amen .

King above other kings speak for me where ever my mouth can not reach , give me victory in times of my worries , protect me against the plans of the enemies amen .

Creator of the whole universe I beg for your mercy upon me , do not reject or send me out because of my sins , have mercy and forgive all my trespasses in Jesus mighty name amen.

Today i come against every household enemy or any enemy in form of friend in Jesus mighty name amen .

I reject every mark of the enemy in my life , today I am totally free in Jesus mighty name amen .

I declare total celebration in my life this season , let joy and laughter be my portion in Jesus name amen .

Father lord unlock the door of success in my life ,door of helpers in my life , let there be showers of blessings upon me and my family in Jesus name amen .

I commit my whole plans into your miraculous hands perfect all of them amen .

Father me above human expectations and make me prosper in Jesus name amen .

I speak into my life today that all my efforts to survive will not be in vain in Jesus name amen.

Blessing me abundantly and make the whole world praise you beautiful of me amen.

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