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Don't take your dreams for granted- See dreams and meanings

This is the part two of the first series as I promised.

Do not be afraid when you have bad dreams because although wickedness is real, more real is the power of God to deliver you from it. just pray and cancel bad dreams then pray and establish good dreams.

No interpretation is absolute and final; you must trust the Holy Spirit to tell you the meaning of what He is showing you.

Revert to my previous post titled ‘How to interpret dreams’ to see the approaches to take to get the perfect interpretation of the dreams

To dream of menstruation or seeing your period

This represents a problem or unpleasant situation or occurrence in your life that needs your full attention. It means there is an event in your life that you must prepare for. The urgency of the issue depends on the quantity of blood you see. Pray and commit your ways to the Lord, ask for His help.

Being Naked in the dream

 If you saw yourself naked in the dream or looking desperately for clothes to cover yourself, then it means shame and embarrassment has been packaged for you by the devil. Fear not! Pray extensively and intensively rejecting it totally in Jesus name.

Dream about wedding

 Dreaming about wedding is bad and may have negative effects on ones marital life. It may also indicate that there is a spiritual problem that you need to attack seriously especially as it concerns marriage or your relationship. If you are not yet married, you need to pray for your relationship then because the devil is already manipulating delay, disappointment on your relationship so it doesn't lead to marriage. However, this can also be as a result of your predominant thought and desire to get married as soon as possible.

 Falling from a height

This means that the devil is determined to bring you down from a particular height or position. It can also mean that the devil wants to capitalize on your fears and do something detrimental against you. It can mean that there may be a plan to set you up at your place of work, office, church. This may also be as a result of a sin you committed among others. Pray for God's mercies and intervention over all your endeavours.

Plaiting Hair

It is a sign of bewitchment, enchantment, initiation, entanglement, and estrangement. It is usually a manipulation to enslave and keep a person in a circle of perpetual disappointment, hardship, suffering etc. This is usually targeted at your spiritual life first before it takes effects on other areas of your life. Having

Sex in the dream

This is very dangerous. For a man, the moment you release your sperm into the demon (lady) you are having sex with, your glory has been transferred in the spirit realm. It means the devil has package marital suffering, lack of financial progress, unlimited sexual addiction, pollution, childlessness, marital delay, womb disorderliness and blockage, infertility, spirit wife or husband is at work in your life etc. The same applies to a lady. Pray aggressively and kill every spirit wife or husband, command the restoration of whatever that was stolen from you, cancel the evil transaction that happened in the dream. If you can embark on at least a one day fast to minimum of 12pm it will be better.

Seeing Animals that are tied or chained

This is not a good dream and must be addressed seriously. It signifies the projection of hardship, troubles, strange and household enemies holding you back from making progress, your stars are being covered with sickness and others.

Driving a Car in Dream

 This can have both good and bad meanings depending on what you were doing in the dream. It means you are on a life's mission that will make you great. That is if you have a car. But a car hitting you means accidents is being manipulated by the devil pray and cancel it.

Catching/Seeing Fishes in the dream

This may mean that the calling of God is upon your life or a call to evangelism and soul winning.

Seeing Snakes

This dream in many places has several meanings. Some believe that seeing a snake in the dream if it does not harm or attack you means that a child is coming your way. There is also the belief that it is a bad thing representing serpentine spirit or marine operations. To be on the safe side, pray in the Spirit about the dream and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

Seeing Excreta

This dream also has several meanings in many places. Some believe that seeing excreta in the dream mean that you will be very wealthy in life. There is also the belief that it means pollution and spiritual contamination. Again, to be on the safe side, pray in the Spirit about the dream and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.


This means slowness in life, delay and setback, difficulty in making it in life when your mates are making it. Not been able to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations in life. Pray intensively

Wickedness is real, but more real is the power of God to deliver

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