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Friday Morning Prayer: O'God, Shower Your Blessings Upon Me And My Family

As a Christian, prayer should be your part of daily routine. Christianity as a religion keeps its pillar standing with prayer. So as you wake up, say this powerful morning prayer. 

Grateful God, thanks you letting me see the light of this new day, Thank you abba father for love and kindness you have showed to me. 

Thank you for the great gift of life and thanks for giving it to me in abundance. 

I will glorify your holy today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. Amen.

Heavenly Father I call on you today. As I step out this morning, Lord be in control of everything I do, do not let me harm feet, protect from every evil plans of the wicked.

Raise your sword and fight against those that wants to come after my life. Bless the fruit of my labor this day and do not let me labor in vein. 

I pray for the Christians around the world today. Father May your mighty hand reached out on them, and let thy will be done in there life.

Father I pray for my country Nigeria, unit is in peace and bless our leaders, both federal and domestic. May this Country Nigeria be restore with peace. May our leaders lead us in a way that pleases you.

Pour blessing in this country Nigeria so that every living soul in this country shall know peace once again. All these and more blessing we ask in our various home and family through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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