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If You Are Born In July, August, September, October, November And December Here Are Prayers To Say

Most of us do not engage in deep prayers in our birth months. The secret to life is priesthood. You will pray before your birth for God's favor in your life.

You would say the following prayers if we were born in July, August, September , October, November , and December.

1. Oh God, thank you for the gift of life, thank you for the gift of the month in which I was born, that the blessing may flow into my life as I go into my month of birth in JESUS' mighty name.

2. O Lord, tragedy never shall be my part in the great name of Jesus in my birth month.

3. In the strong name of JESUS may the blessings of my month of birth shine upon me.

4. May I break boundaries, as in the powerful name of JESUS I reach my birth month.

5. Oh God, my part, in my month of birth, in the mighty name of JESUS will never be premature death.

6. O God, in my birth month bless me financially, I can never lack the strong name of JESUS financially. May the mighty name of JESUS be upon me with your hands for spiritual blessings.

With these prayers, please don't joke.

Share it with relatives, friends and parents.

In the comment box below, if you said your prayers above, scell your prayers with God.

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