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Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why There Is A Table In Every Church? Here Is What It Represents

I thought the table in the church today actually represents the tabernacle in the old testament, but after some findings, I got to know it represents the "alter" and not the "tabernacle". Thank God I checked before writing.

So, like I mentioned above, the table in the church has its own significant, and it represents the alter. It is funny that some people think it is just a table. No! The table in the church is not just a table. It represents the alter of God.

It is from this alter that the Holy Communion is given to the believers to eat and drink from. This is to show you that this table is very sacred. The main purpose of having this table is to fulfill the command of God, where he told the disciples that they should continue to take the Lord's supper after his ascension.

But this table (alter) is now where some people sit! On the alter? You even find some surround it, having a meeting. Some don't stop there, they go to the extent of dropping anything like nylons, papers, dirt on it. The truth is that some think it is only a table, and they sin without knowing. Now, you may also understand the meaning of " unknown sins". 

We all have access to the alter today, but it does not give us the right to do just anything with it. We so much desecrate the alter today!!

Now, some may be wondering why it represents the alter. If we go back in time, you will remember that many people built alters for God. This alters were sacred. And even after the erection of a temple, the alter was still given its space.

What do we use the alter for? We sacrifice burnt offerings on it. You can now point out the similarity. Jesus paid the price, and we need not sacrifice animals anymore. His flesh, his blood is what the saints take today. 

Please, if you have been desecrating the alter (table) in the past, it is time you stop it. The alter is sacred and should be treated as sacred.

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