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The Importance Of Pilgrimage(Hajj) In Islam

Hajj is the third pillar of Islam, that is performed one time a year. Hajj is performed in Makkah with millions of population across the whole world in the universe. Hajj is being performed in a Mosque, which has the purest place known as Kaaba.

Furthermore, Hajj is being performed to wash away someone's sins to repent from evil acts to good and calm towards people. Allah forgives whoever performs hajj accordingly, and did not remove any process, it hajj is acceptable by Allah.

The process of performing hajj is the rounding of the holy Kaaba, the stoning of Shaitan families, and climbing the mountains of Arafat. The reward of hajj is uncountable, which Allah says whoever perform hajj and drink, birth with the holy water(Zanzam water) that person will be forgiven all his sins and dirty evils act in his body, and heart, will all be wash away with the purest water.

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Allah Arafat Kaaba Makkah Shaitan


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