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How St Augustine confirmed that there were three persons in one God.

In the year 415 while working on one of the biggest doctrinal contributions of the church known as the blessed Trinity, he was so tired that he had to go to the sea to receive fresh air. St Augustine was trying to understand the mystery of the blessed Trinity, he kept on trying to understand how it was possible for three persons to coexist in one God but while he was in the beach, he saw a little child who dog a hole in the ground and was with a spoon.

The child started trying use the spoon to empty the sea into the small hole which he dog and saint Augustine was surprise so he walked up to the boy and asked him what he was trying to do, the boy then told him that he was trying to pour the whole water in the sea into the hole he dug and saint Augustine told him that it was impossible to do so. 

He told the little child you can't empty the whole sea into the hole and the boy replied him by saying that what he was doing was much more possible than him trying to understand the mystery of the blessed Trinity. The child told saint Augustine that you can't understand the holy Trinity. The boy immediately disappeared. This was how saint Augustine knew that there were indeed three person who coexisted in 1 God.

For years, many scholars have been speculating whether the little child was an angel or was Jesus him self. This article explains the mystery of the blessed Trinity and why it is very impossible to understand it. Please let us know what you think by commeting below.

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