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I'm Muslim, After Believing Jesus Christ Is Messiah, See How I was Treated - Siraj

A Muslim identified as Siraj Wahhaj revealed to us in a video saying he believes Jesus is the Messiah. In the Quran, Jesus is given a title Al-Masih, no other prophet is authorized to be called that.

He believes Jesus is the Messiah that brings peace to all that strongly believes in him. After believing Jesus Christ is Messiah, he urges others to believe as well and enjoy the benefits attached in it.

According to report, Jesus is referred eleven times in the Quran.He went on to explain that Christ means “The Anointed” which is where the Christians derive their name from.If you believe Jesus is the Messiah, it brings peace to all because Jesus has to come to fulfill his Messiahship as he will be a just ruler to all. We are not hiding it, we believe in Jesus.

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Conclusively, repent before Jesus Christ comes the second time , so you can enjoy all the benefits attached to it.

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