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Dear Muslims, This Is How To Beautifully Utilize The Blessings Of Friday And Be Rewarded.

Dear Muslims, This Is How To Beautifully Utilize The Blessings Of Friday And Be Rewarded.

Friday is the best day of the week because it's endowed with a lot of blessings from Allah. Muslims should seek this opportunity to garner reward in manifold.

Prophet Muhammad said: the best of the month is month of Ramadan, the best of night is the night of laylatul Qadr, the best of days is first ten days of Dhulhijja, and the best day of the week is Friday.

Allah said in suratul jumu'a, Qur'an 62 verse 9:

"O you who believe, when the call to prayer is been made on the day of jumu'a (Friday), hasten to the remembrance of your Lord, and suspend business, this is good and better for you only if you know"

In lieu of these, I will be giving us the etiquette on how to relate with this Friday to tap from the blessings of Allah embedded in it and be rewarded for you as good deeds.

Below are tips of things to engage with on Fridays

1. Observe Ghuslu of jumu'a

This is actually for those who are not affected with closure of mosque amid the covid-19 pandemic preventive measures.

2. Put on good and well perfumed cloth, note: the perfume is only for male, females are prohibited from it.

3. Go to mosque early and sit closer to imam

4. While listening to sermon avoid all form of distraction, fervently listen to the sermon without talking to anyone

Prophet Muhammad said: He who perform Ghuslu on Friday, go to mosque early and didn't pass in-between two persons sitting down in the mosque, and while listening to sermon he didn't talk to anyone and avoid all form of distraction, "Allah will forgive him of his minor sins from one jumu'a to another"

Can we see the great reward in these acts.

5. Recitation of suratul kahf

Prophet Muhammad said who ever recite suratul kahf on Friday Allah will protect him from all sort of evil from one Friday to another

6. Sending a lot of blessings to prophet Muhammad

It's great act of worship that attracts unquantifiable reward

Prophet said: who ever send 1 blessing to me Allah will return it for him ten times, that is the reward will be times ten. This attract a lot of reward of done on Friday.

7. An hour of accepting supplications

There is a particular time on Fridays that Allah used to accept every supplications of His servant, some scholars said it's after solatul asri while some said its particular time is unknown, in a nut shell, let's try to be much in invocation to Allah on this day.

May Allah accept our prayers

Number 5,6,7 is especially for those whose mosques in their environment is still in closure, you can actually benefit from the blessings of Friday by doing these.

May Allah heals the world.

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